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Each didgeridoo is hand made and hand painted and is unique. Images of didgeridoos in this category are examples only. If you are interested in a didgeridoo we will work with you to find a design that you like. You can email us at onlinesales@tjapukai.com.au to start the conversation.

Our wide range of didgeridoos are world class in both scope and quality. We go to considerable length to ensure that all the didgeridoos we sell are made from timber which is legally obtained, and we insist on the appropriate Forestry Permits where applicable. We also ensure that all art on the instruments is wholly the work of Aboriginal people. All our didgeridoos are naturally hollowed, by white ants or termites in the traditional way.

Our range is so extensive that we can't show them all. The few featured here show some of our most popular models, but we have many more in stock. We can send descriptions and colour photos of other models on request.

We grade the playing quality of our didgeridoos with a simple five class system.

"C" Class
"Concert" class, quite rare, the best.

1st Class
A really good quality didge, with a full, resonant, deep sound for beginner to expert, often with high quality art by renowned artists.

2nd Class
A lesser quality sound, mid range note, easy to play, suit beginner, often with very good art and good for display.

3rd Class
Playable, not such a high quality sound, often high note, may suit new learner, or with good art, may be ideal for display.

4th Class
Usually not playable at all; often with nice art, intended for display only.

Mini didgeridoos

Mini didgeridoos have a much higher note than the regular sized didgeridoos. Some are for playing and others are purely for decoration. The ones with beeswax around the mouthpiece are suitable for a child’s first didgeridoo, but it’s much harder to learn circular breathing on this size. Approx 75-80cm (29”-32”).

Emu Callers

Emu callers are not blown, they are used like a hand drum by cupping a hand and beating over one open end. Emus are a very large flightless bird. The emu callers were traditionally used when hunting emus, to attract the bird out of the bush, by making the sound like an emu. They also make an unique vase for dried flowers, or an interesting conversation piece for the office!


We can provide a photo to give you an example of the type of artwork and/or features of each didgeridoo, as well as an indication of the length of the instrument. As each didgeridoo is a hand painted original piece, each will have different colours and animals featured, and will not be identical to those shown in these images